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That's right! You can try out ALL of's features for free. If you like the Admin features you can continue on a subscription basis however if you do not want to utilize these features you can continue to list on and not pay a cent. There will be no commissions and you will continue to receive rental inquiries in perpetuity.

Calendar Syncing

Easily sync calendars on other marketing websites like FlipKey, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, etc. so that you only have to update your 2ndHome calendar and all the other calendars automatically update.

You can also export's Calendar in iCal format (.ics ) and then import it into external calendars on your computer or to any other calendar that supports the iCal format like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Government Accommodations Tax and Occupancy Report Automation

If you use our system to record all of your booking financials you will be able to automate Government Accommodations Tax and Occupancy Reports. Set your Tax Rate, Fee Rates, Currency Conversions on Cash, Cheques, Wire Transfers, and Credit Cards and simply click print at the end of each month and sign.

Free Discount Specials/Promos

There are no extra charges for specials or promos on You are also not limited to only 1 Special/Promo running at one time. Have multiple Specials/Promos running for different periods of time. For example run a “Last Minute Special” while also running an “Early Bird Special”.

Revenue Monitoring and Advanced Reporting

Use our Comparative Revenue graph to see how you are currently performing compared to previous years. This graphical report will help give you insight on whether there are changes in what vacation renters are willing to pay for your rental. The rental market is like the real estate market and your rates should fluctuate based on what the market is willing to pay. If your property is not getting booked this could be due to your pricing being too high. If your property is getting booked very quickly then this could be due to your pricing being too low.

The Booking Window report is a useful tools to help you determine what percentage of your inventory is getting booked in advance versus last minute. Utilize this feature to help you determine when the time is right to run Specials/Promos.

Our Rate report easily helps you determine your average nightly rate for specific periods of time so that you can effectively price your vacation rental for the upcoming year.

Use our Inquiry Source Reports to see where your bookings are coming from to determine whether a particular vacation rental website or marketing campaign you are using is actually working for you.

If you're processing credit card payments yourself, each reservation you enter in captures relevant information about the transaction such as the batch #, auth #, processing date, etc. so that you can easily find all of your credit card transactions and which bookings they pertain to.

Don't ever be left scratching your head trying to determine why you didn't break even in a particular month. Utilize our Cash Flow report to see when revenue is coming in from deposits and final payments.


You can set reminders in our system that are related to specific reservations. For example, if a guest requires a crib for their baby, you can set a reminder relating to that reservation and not only will the reminder be easily visible every time you log into the Admin system but you will also receive email reminders prior leading up to the guest's arrival.

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