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Acquarius Sea Tours

Snorkelling is Cayman's greatest, easiest underwater adventure and an activity the whole family can enjoy. If you've only fantasized about peeking beneath the sea, there is no safer, gentler and more exciting place to learn this sport than in Cayman's clear, current-free waters. From toddlers to great-grandparents, Cayman snorkelling is ideal for all ages.

We take you to the best snorkeling spots on the island where waters are calm and protected. In an ideal depth of six feet up to 20 feet you will be able to discover the enchanted beauty of the Coral Garden and the colorful sea fauna Cayman has like sea turtles (if you are lucky enough to get to see one), stingrays (and eagle stingrays), starfishes, 'zebra' fishes and so many other kinds of fishes from the area.

In our pristine blue waters you will be able to enjoy the detail all of the natural treasures hidden on our shores. We will we provide you with all the snorkeling gear that you need to have a fun and enjoyable day out snorkeling.


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