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Bodden Town District

Bodden Town stories tells us that Bodden Town was the island's first capital, it has been said, "that George Town was only a village when Bodden Town was a Town." It is believed that the town's strength above the surrounding villages was largely derived from its location, "which provided a vantage point for the sighting and hailing of passing English merchant ships." Bodden Town had at the time a good harbour where local sailing vessels could safely anchor. In fact, legend has it that pirates made Bodden Town their headquarters and that many of their treasures are hidden along its coast and caves.

One of the earliest settlements on Grand Cayman took its name not from any individual settler, but from the number of inhabitants bearing the name of Bodden (or Bawden).

Athough Bodden Town has now largely lost its position as a hub of activity due to the huge development centred on the George Town area, it still remains one of the most interesting and natural places on Grand Cayman vacation.


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