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Bodden Town District

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Points and Places of Interest in Bodden Town, Grand Cayman

Pedro Castle: Originally called St James, this building is the oldest on Grand Cayman Island. Many legends surround the castle. One legend is that it was built in 1635 by a Spanish settler called Pedro Gomez. Blackbeard is supposed to have used its tower as a lookout for enemy ships. An Englishman, William Eden who arrived on the islands in 1765 built the "stone house" at Pedro in 1780 by slave labor and named it St. James Castle.

Guard House Hill: Located at the entrance to Bodden Town. The site is one of the former capital's early lines of defence against invading pirates and Spanish marauders. This strategic point commanded both land and sea approaches and was manned chiefly at night by the local "militia" the Guard House being their pace of rest.

Gun Square: Another point of defence for this early settlement is identified by two of the original cannons pointing in the ground. This was very important as it overlooked the district's principal channels of that day.

Queen Victoria Monument: Built in 1909 in memorial of Her Majesty. 

Pirates Caves: There are numerous caves in Grand Cayman. The Pirates Caves are large enough to walk through and are said to have had tunnels connected to the sea. They were reputedly the hiding place for pirate treasure, although nothing apart from cannonballs and bones have been found.

Slave Wall / Drummonds Wall: This structure is found at the back of Bodden Town, in the bush, and tradition says that early Bodden Towners retreated behind it for protection against invaders. Originally, the Wall is said to have been several miles long and in a U-shape, built of stones hewn to fit precisely one on top of the other without mortar. Exactly when it was built is uncertain, legend/story says that it was built by slaves. One of them, a Spaniard named Drummond, supervised a seven foot high section which became known as "Drummond' Wall".

Webster House- Mission House: This district of Bodden Town boasts some of the oldest surviving houses in the Cayman Islands. The Mission House site includes a traditional Caymanian two storey home situated on an area of dry and wetland frequented by a variety of local wildlife. The site is known to have been used by early settlers for its large numbers of waterfowl and supply of water in the 1700’s. The site rose to prominence in the 1800's and became known as the "Mission House" to early missionaries, teachers and families who lived and contributed to establishing the Presbyterian ministry and school in Bodden Town.

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