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Cayman Islands Spray Foam
Cayman Islands Spray Foam
Cayman Islands Spray Foam
Cayman Islands Spray Foam
Cayman Islands Spray Foam
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Cayman Islands Spray Foam

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Spray Foam vs. Sheet Foam, Fiberglass, or Cellulose Insulation

Insulating your home in Grand Cayman is very important. The hot weather takes a toll on you, your air conditioning bill, and your home. Not to worry! Cayman Islands Spray Foam is here to help. We provide top quality spray foam insulation for both residential and commercial buildings in Grand Cayman.

Here at Cayman Islands Spray Foam, our spray foam insulation prevents conditioned air from leaving your home or building. Our Spray Foam also adds a protective barrier around the home that protects the home from the outside temperatures. Traditional fiberglass and cellulose insulation acts more like a wool sweater. Air is allowed to pass through which results in higher heating and cooling bills.

Reasons to choose Spray Foam Insulation :

  1. Traditional Insulation continually fails to meet constantly changing building codes. Many can end up being considered a fire hazard. Cellulose insulation is not much more than shredded bits of newspaper. Spray Foam on the other hand ensures that building codes are met throughout a building’s life.
  2. Spray Foam expands exponentially in order to fill every crack and crevice in a building. Both Cellulose and fiberglass are difficult to install perfectly because they may not be able to fit in all those tight spaces. Any space that traditional insulation can’t cover means losing money out of your pocket.
  3. Water damage is a major problem to your home and insulation especially in the Cayman Islands. Traditional insulation may retain water which in turn creates the perfect environment for mold to grow and reproduce. Our Spray Foam Insulation repels water and eliminates the possibility of mold.
  4. Traditional insulation tends to sag over time making unevenly insulated areas. Our Spray Foam Insulation holds its place and will never sag.
  5. Air Sealing Qualities of our Spray Foam minimize the amount of allergens and dust entering your home. Traditional Insulation collects dust and allergens which can create respiratory problems.
  6. Our Spray Foam Insulation is perfect for keeping pests out of the home. Traditional insulation provides a food and nesting source for rodents and other disgusting pests.
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