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Cayman Private Charters
Cayman Private Charters
Cayman Private Charters
Cayman Private Charters
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Cayman Private Charters

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We are a locally owned company that has been in the private charter business for over 5 years. Striving to offer something different to locals and tourists alike. We operate a fleet of 5 boats including our flagship and most popular "Paradise Explorer", Which is a 55' yacht that can comfortably cruise with up to 20 people in luxury and style. There is no comparable way to explore the fantastic & magical Cayman waters!

 In addition we operate smaller boats such as our beautiful 36' Intrepid with twin 300's, 32' Regal cruiser, 31' Fountain sport fishing boat and our 23' power catamaran style snorkeling boat. Why go with a regular tour operator when you can charter your own private boat with a private captain and guide. We offer so much, such as water skiing, Rum Point, Kaibo, snorkeling, dinner cruises, SCUBA diving, and of course the Stingray City sandbar. All of our boats have been used for anniversaries, weddings, proposals, birthdays, sightseeing, sunbathing, general relaxing and massages, real estate exploring and of course snorkeling, diving and world famous stingray city sandbar.

A Little bit about the owner and how the company started…

Bill, Born in Vancouver Canada, moved to Cayman with his family at the age of 5. After 6 years with a top American Navy School and the family always having a sail boat or powerboat of some sort and qualifying as a Navy JROTC sailing instructor, mixed with his fathers entrepreneurial spirit he was destine to be in the luxury charter boat business in the Cayman Islands. After buying his nicest boat to date in 2003, a 32' Regal, he figured the only way to charge his friends for countless boat trip, was to turn it into a Company (long standing joke about charging friends). But no exaggeration about many, maybe thousands of very fun, relaxing and sometimes very interesting day excretions on the water.

In 2008 Cayman Private Charters was born. Bill's cousin Richard helped start it and captained many of the early days charters… In 2009 Bill sold one of his other companies to get away from the corporate lifestyle, "Rat Race" if you will… and pursue business interests that he had a passion for. The crowing achievement our of this transition is Cayman Private Charters. It's sole intention is to bring Bill's passion for boating and wonderful day trips in the beautiful Cayman Islands to visitors (or residents that are smart enough not to own a boat)… It is the major reason none of our boats have the company name or phone number on them… it truly feels like your boat, not just a passenger on some tour company, sort of like hiring a Lincoln town car vs. a Budget Rent a Truck covered in advertisements and blowout boxes like a cartoon. Also the reason why we are private only, we refuse to do group trips, we are a niche, and yes, it is more expensive to go private, just like anything, but we strongly believe in the philosophy that "less is more" or "you get what you pay for" etc…

The philosophy is simple… It is your boat for the day, we provide a top-notch boat to suite your budget and professional crew that share Bill's passion for the ocean. All of our guests come back saying that it was the best money they spent, or best day of their lives, sometimes with tears as they come back to port, many times begging to stay out longer… For Bill those feelings and emotions make all the very hard work, long days, and major investment and risk worth while. All of our crew is CPR citified, we have the necessary safety gear, all boats are insured and have current inspections from hotels, port authority, and other government agencies.
Why so many boats and crew? Bill knows that people have different budgets and ideas of what is the perfect day… we offer more variety than any other company on the island, maybe much of the Caribbean. Our 6 boats range from 18'-55'. Many other charter companies are just a website or phone number and they just refer the business to other boats… Which is fine, but by owning all of our boats we control maintenance, schedules and so forth… A very important point to the success of the company. Another important point to multiple boats is also related to maintenance, boats break, all the time, that is just the way it is… The salt environment is harsh… With different boats we can usually shift customers from one boat to another, before the charter, in the case of a breakdown, vs. having to cancel the trip all together and disappointing the guests… We also have two full time mechanics on staff to avoid this as best we can.

Our boats and crew offer such a huge mix of options… Fast, slow, exciting, relaxing, fishing, SCUBA diving/instruction, snorkeling, stingray sandbar, reef/wreck exploring, dinning, lunching, overnight trips, privacy, seclusion, sunbathing, instruction on boat handling, and on and on. Click on our trips page for examples… also our boats page for rates etc… (these two are links).

Helping with the company is Bill's Fiancée, Bettina, who is helping the company to raise the bar even higher with her excellent people skills and vast knowledge about customer service, and also a serous passion about what we do. A citified wine Sommelier and holder of the "Golden Keys – Excellence in Concierge services" Les Clefs d'Or, Paris and speaking 3 languages, Bettina is looking forward to meeting you aboard one of our boats.

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