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Cayman Private Charters
Cayman Private Charters
Cayman Private Charters
Cayman Private Charters
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Cayman Private Charters

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8 Great Reasons To Charter A Boat

  1. Safety – No need to know the local waters or worry about having a few drinks
  2. Take the worry out of docking, mooring, anchoring with other boats
  3. No Cleaning – Everyone who has had a boat knows how much work they are
  4. No Maintenance – Never ending, charters remove that worry & cost for you
  5. No Insurance to worry about, all of our boats are fully insured
  6. No storage of the boat, this is costly and storms are stressful
  7. Our boats are not decorated with company logos and phone numbers, feels like you own the boat
  8. Enjoy the day, your free time is valuable, spend it on the good stuff not the stress.

Trip Ideas

  • North Sound Day Trips - Our most popular tours to the barrier reef and Stingray City
  • Seven Mile Beach Day Trips - To George Town harbour, reef snorkeling and Kittiwake
  • Scuba Diving trips
  • Dinner trips – Make a night out a time to remember.
  • Engagements, Anniversary and birthday Celebrations
  • Business meetings
  • Multi Day/Boat Discounts
  • Real Estate Canal Tour
  • Land and Sea tour
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