CICA - Cayman Islands Custom Agency
CICA - Cayman Islands Custom Agency
CICA - Cayman Islands Custom Agency
CICA - Cayman Islands Custom Agency
CICA - Cayman Islands Custom Agency
CICA - Cayman Islands Custom Agency
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CICA - Cayman Islands Customs Agency

Deluxe Freight sends consolidated container twice weekly from Miami to Grand Cayman. CICA is the sole broker for Deluxe Freight and we have been in business with them for nearly 19 years.


When placing your order (either online or directly with your supplier) you will need to include the address for Deluxe Freight as your “ship to” address. This is different to your billing address, which will be your personal address in Grand Cayman. Once you have placed the order, you can then forward all of your invoices to Gabriel at Deluxe Freight. If you choose to deliver your items yourself, these can be taken to the address seen below and again, invoices emailed to Gabriel.


Once all the cargo is received and all invoices are in order, they will load your cargo onto their next available consolidated container. Please note that there are cut off times for receiving cargo which will determine which sailing your cargo would be on.  For the Tuesday sailing, the cut off time is Friday of the previous week and for the Thursday sailing, the cut off time is Tuesday of the same week.


Before the container arrives, we receive the documents from Deluxe Freight where we begin the clearance process with Customs. Once it has been cleared, the container arrives at our warehouse to be offloaded and once your shipment is available, we will notify you that your cargo is ready for collection or delivery. Our handling fee to clear with Customs is CI$50.00 for general merchandise and CI$75.00 for vehicles, boats and personal effects. Our delivery cost will depend on the exact delivery location & size of the cargo. We also provide the following services at an additional charge:


-Placing of cargo in separate rooms



-Debris removal


Deluxe Freight & CICA also offer a small package rate (see attached flyer). Any shipment that is 12 cubic feet and under ships for a rate of CI$67 (This does not include duty and is broken down as CI$42.00 Deluxe Freight charge & CI$25.00 CICA handling fee). With this rate, we also offer free delivery within the Georgetown area.


We can also provide you with an estimate for freight & landed costs. In order to do so, the following information is needed:


-Description of cargo


-Value  (in US$)


Sailing Dates:


Departs Tuesday & arrives on Thursday night Departs Thursday & arrives on Saturday night


Please see below all the information for Deluxe and contact information for our import agents at CICA


Current Address:


Deluxe Freight

11013 NW 30th Street, Suite 100

Doral FL 33172

Tel: 305-513-0156


Effective 29th February, their new location will be:


11401 NW 107th Street,

Suite 100

Doral, FL 33178


Deluxe emails:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected] 



CICA emails:      

[email protected]               

[email protected]

[email protected]    


CICA address:

39 Ashgo St.

Off Godfrey Nixon Way

Grand Cayman

Cayman Islands

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