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IRG International Realty Group Ltd


At IRG we firmly believe that the key to effectively selling or leasing property is an individually tailored marketing strategy for each and every property. We match our in depth Cayman Property Market knowledge and experience in the commercial, residential and development sectors with the best marketing and media professionals at our disposal to develop world class marketing campaigns.

Our ability to create value for owners and developers of Cayman property results from top quality professional photography, the highest quality brochures, expert graphic and web design and exposure, which is all channeled through a network of the world's top property publications and real estate professionals, search engines, blogs and web links.

Whilst a substantial portion of our client base is local or regional, IRG is committed to actively promoting the Cayman Islands as a destination and jurisdiction of choice to qualified high net worth overseas private and corporate investors, looking for a safe and stable socially and politically stable home whilst, offering one of the best lifestyle opportunities in the World.

IRG remains committed to promoting Cayman as a location of choice for the international residential and commercial property investor based upon the sound fundamentals of the Cayman economy. Our understanding of these investors’ property needs allows us to market Cayman property in the most effective manner and achieve optimum results.

Some of the media we use to promote our properties are:

The Cayman Compass

The Wall Street Journal

Homes & Gardens Magazine

CIREBA Magazine

Luxury Portfolio Magazine


We also have thousands of followers on our social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and our own Youtube Channel.

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We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)