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We use the internet A LOT, so why not get the fastest speeds?

Make the most of the world wide web and ensure you have the fastest speeds for learning, streaming, gaming, travel researching and more!

The Best TV & Internet in Cayman

Logic has something for everyone! Over 190 channels and over 40 HD channels, so whether you love movies, sports, cooking, travel, history sci-fi or cartoons, we have got you covered. Advance TV services like Whole-Home DVR and PPV take your viewing to a whole new level. And with FUSE Internet download music in seconds and movies in minutes, no more stopping, starting and buffering!

Signing up is Fast and Convenient

Logic is Cayman’s premier TV provider. For over 10 years Logic has provided Cayman with quality services and we continue to be committed to providing the best possible solutions to our islands. Our new fibre optics network offers the fastest, most reliable quality communication products available to the residents and businesses of Cayman.


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