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LogicTV enhances the traditional television viewing experience with the following useful features:

  • Total Home DVR
  • Picture-in-Picture channel preview
  • RestartTV
  • Video on Demand

What is Total Home DVR?

Record and play back your recordings from a single DVR from any room on any TV in your home.

  • Pause, fast-forward and rewind live or recorded shows on any TV in your home.
  • Pause your recorded TV program in one room and pick it up in another.
  • Play the same recorded show on different TVs at the same time and control them separately.
  • Store up to 233 hours of SD or 75 hours of HD recordings.

What is Picture-in-Picture (“PIP”) channel preview?

PIP channel preview allows you to preview what’s playing on a channel before tuning to it. You can access the PIP channel preview using the channel guide or using the PIP Browse buttons on the LogicTV remote to access the onscreen Picture-in-Picture browse bar. Your television set does not need to have Picture-in-Picture capability to use our PIP channel preview feature.

What is RestartTV?

RestartTV allows you to restart a TV program that is already in progress. Whether you woke up late, got home late or simply browsing channels and come across a program you want to watch that has already begun, simply Restart it! Note that this feature is available on RestartTV enabled channels only and a DVR is NOT required to use this feature.

What is Video on Demand?

LogicTV’s Video on Demand gives you access to a large library of current and classic movies in both standard and high definition formats.

Rent your favourite movie right from the comfort of your home and never pay a late fee again.

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