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National Drug Council

According to the Cayman Islands Drug and Alcohol Survey 2000, approximately three out of every five adults (61.2%) in the Cayman Islands has tried alcohol during their lifetime. The highest level of liquor consumption was found among young adults aged 20-29 year-olds (41.7%). Usually, a young person with alcohol problems has been exposed to alcoholism in their immediate family, which is not to suggest that the family should be blamed when and if an individual develops an issue. A combination of genetics and environment determine who develops the disease.

Things You’ll Need

• Here’s a list of symptoms to consider when determining if someone you love has a substance abuse issue:


  • STEP 1: Symptoms of Alcohol Dependence:
    • Neglect of social activities
    • Lack of interest in sports & other recreational activities
    • Impaired performance at school or on the job
    • Exhibiting hang-over symptoms such as constant headaches and dry mouth
    • Nausea
    • Excessive Sweating
    • Shakiness
    • Anxiety
    • Deteriorating relationships with friends and family
  • STEP 2: Symptoms of Alcohol Dependence in those who drink publicly:
    • Excessive use: alcohol is consumed in larger amounts and over a longer period
    • Repeated, unsuccessful efforts to cut down or control alcohol consumption
    • Excessive time spent in situations where alcohol is prevalent
    • The need for increasing amounts of alcohol in order to feel its effects.
  • STEP 3: For help call the any of the key agencies listed below.
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