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Omni Cayman - Photo2
Omni Cayman - Photo2
We have a version of QuickBooks that's right for your business!
Omni Cayman is now offering U.S. Tax filing and consultation services to U.S. Citizens residing and working in Cayman

Accounting Outsourcing

Today's struggling economy continues to force Cayman businesses and organizations to make tough choices concerning one of their biggest operating expenses and one of their greatest assets - their employees. Personnel costs, such as work permits, healthcare and insurance are soaring at a time when companies are under even greater pressure to perform.

The mandate continues to be “stay lean”. Even though a global economic recovery appears to be just over the horizon, it isn't here yet. Therefore, companies in Cayman and all over the globe are forced to maintain or even exceed productivity levels with their current staffing levels.

How can you manage increasing personnel costs, maintain productivity with fewer team members than in the past and at the same time make the best decisions related to those you will hire permanently in the coming recovery?·

The answer is accounting outsourcing. Our accounting outsourcing services include acting as Chief Financial Officer, complete accounting services such as but not limited to, payroll, accounts receivable, accounts payable, audit preparation and consultancy on all phases of businesses. Lately, considering the rather austere economic climate, our clients have been utilizing our consultancy services for funding applications, shareholder meetings, identifying and exploring new market opportunities.

Using Omni's accounting outsourcing services will save your company work permit fees, pension, health care, holiday and sick leave costs.

Please feel free to call 345-547-4473 or email [email protected] for more information.  

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