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Scout and Jedi after a day at the spa!
Tiffany & Zack
Petopia Resort & Spa - Photo2
Petopia Resort & Spa - Photo5
Petopia's Doggie Daycare Room
Stella is ready for Valentine's Day!
Millie getting a bath.
Miloh and a lot left after.
Tiffany at homebase.
Twiglet is ready to hit the town.
Calvin gets a de-shedding shampoo.
Scout? Is that really the new you?
Coco, you "wook mavaluuus!"
Petopia Resort & Spa - Photo4
Manolo is sporting a new do.
Petopia Resort & Spa - Photo6
Valentine's Doggie Party!
Petopia Resort & Spa - Photo2
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Petopia Resort & Spa

Petopia is owned by Tiffany Glatz and Zack Myrie.

Tiffany is originally from North Carolina but was raised in the Cayman Islands. She graduated from Auburn University in Alabama from the College of Animal Sciences with a degree in Animal Production and Management. Tiffany has always had a love for animals and has worked in the industry for over 9 years. She is experienced in dog obedience, duck hunting training, pet handling, and grooming. After working in the pet industry for other people and not always agreeing with their methods, she decided she could do it better on her own and moved back home to the Cayman Islands to open her own Pet Resort.

Zack Myrie was born and raised in the Cayman Islands. He graduated from UCCI with a degree in Accounting and Culinary Arts. Zack swam for the Cayman Islands Amateur Swim Association at the age of 9 to 15. After injuring himself he became the youngest qualified swim coach in the American Swimming Coaches Association for the Cayman Islands. He then moved on to a new passion in Culinary Arts. Zack won the Student Chef of The Year in 2013 at the Ritz Carlton. Zack has always had pets since he was a young boy. He has always loved pets and enjoyed the different ways they show love without words. After seeing Tiffany’s passion, business plan, and ideas Zack decided Petopia was a much needed facility for the Cayman Islands.

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