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Power Flower Ltd.
Power Flower Ltd.
Power Flower Ltd.
Power Flower Ltd.
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Power Flower Ltd.
Power Flower Ltd.

Power Flower is an organization built with a strong set of values and a genuine dedication, providing a full service Landscape Installation & with high quality professional Maintenance to Condos, Residential and Commercial.

We design elegant planting layouts that compliment the design of your home and business. Our planting designs bring to your landscape the beauty it deserves through the careful use of plant material in both visual and functional capacities. Our landscaping crews have worked extensively on projects ranging from detailed perennial gardens to the planting of over-sized specimen material.

We offer tree injections as a method to effectively treat trees and palms with liquid concentrated formulas of fertilizers or insecticides, to help save trees and palms in stress which are difficult to treat with conventional spraying methods. (e.g.: Drift contamination as well as restricted growing areas with cement paved or asphalted surrounds).

Selective herbicides for the control of invasive grassy and broadleaved weeds in your lawn will eliminate time consuming hand weeding. Your lawn will be in good hands with Power Flower Ltd, we will keep pests and weeds under control.

The following highlighted services will elevate & impact the beauty of your home or business environment:

  • Complete landscape Design, Installation & Maintenance
  • Full Fertilization Program, Tree Injection, Lawn Weed and Pest Control
  • Seasonal Tree and Palm Pruning, Chipping, Removal and Stump Grinding
  • Full Fertilization Program, Tree Injection, Lawn Weed and Pest Control
  • Irrigation Installation, Repair & Maintenance
  • Mechanical Beach Cleaning

Power Flower Nursery is the newest addition company’s scope of services on our new 3 acres site off Crewe road. Our Nursery offers stock readily available to our valued customers, both local landscapers & do it yourself home owners.

  • A large selection of Fruit trees, locally grown Plants, Trees & Palms
  • Mulch & Pine Bark (Five Types), bagged Soil and Peat Moss
  • Contract growing opportunities for landscaping projects
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