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Rite Start Daycare & Preschool
Rite Start Daycare & Preschool
Rite Start Daycare & Preschool
Rite Start Daycare & Preschool
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RiteStart Daycare & Preschool

We at Rite Start Daycare & Preschool extend a warm welcome to you and your child. We are delighted that you choose us. We provide the opportunity for children to interact with each other in a safe, warm, and stimulating environment conducive to their development. We will work assiduously to ensure that your child receive the nurture and care he/she deserve. Not only do we provide for your child’s emotional, physical, social, and cognitive growth, we also take seriously our responsibility to introduce children to Jesus Christ as a loving friend.

We look forward to sharing many happy experiences with you and your child/children.


Rite Start uses the Cayman Islands national curriculum for early childhood education. This curriculum integrates language, math, science, music, movement and arts studies. Learning centers provide students with activities intended to develop independence, encourage creativity, enhance motor skills and foster cooperation with others.

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We're here to help. Send us an email or call us at (345) 947-ECAY (3229)