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Muay Thai at Rogue Gym is known for its vigorous yet unintimidating class style which blends knowledge of the contemporary fight game with values grounded in traditional martial arts. Scheduled group sessions cater to men and women at all skill levels - individuals seeking effective weight-loss, fitness enthusiasts and those interested in competition.

Each class provides a mix of cardiovascular development, functional movement based strength training, authentic Muay Thai technique and drill specific bag and pad work. Advanced classes focus heavily on live drills, clinching, ring control, countering and sparring.

Contact Grey at 916-2271



Grey Brett ''s knowledge and experience bring a completely unique skill set to the Cayman Islands. Originally from Toronto, Grey has studied under and trained fighters in Toronto and Bermuda and was instrumental in developing Bermuda’s first internationally represented Muay Thai team. He has cornered fighters in international competitions and is able to develop fighter-specific training programs geared to competition.


Coach Moxam offers beginner and advanced classes, group and individual classes.

“Let coach Moxam teach all the fundamental boxing and MMA skills you need for overall fitness and strength, self defense and for those few who dare compete in the Rogue Smoker events or Proving Ground.”   345 928 4353 or 345 926 2033

Located on Seven Mile Beach, on the Treasure Island Hotel complex, just behind Big Daddy’s shop, Rogue Gym offers a variety of unconventional fitness classes for all levels. Check out our website or give us a call.

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