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  • Neil Williams
    Neil WilliamsBROKER|OWNER

    Let’s Talk About Neil

    Neil originally moved to Cayman for a role with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, following a career in the London Metropolitan Police Service. He was the first police officer to reside in Little Cayman, armed with a bicycle, pen and paper and this unique role and (Neil’s success) at working on such as close-knit island is tantamount to his ability to relate to anyone, from any walk of life.


    Neil has always been interested in real estate and from an early age, began buying and selling houses privately. He began working as a real estate agent in 2005 and soon after teamed up with Cathy, as the very clear realization was that two heads are better than one, giving the couple a market advantage that remains unchallenged in Cayman Islands real estate.  Neil has a presence that is down to earth and calming, with the ability to let the client know that he will make it happen for them. His knowledge about the local market is ever evolving and he keeps his finger on the pulse, knowing early what the next big opportunity will be.  Combining Neil’s business acumen with fantastic connections, it’s easy to see why Neil has a track record that is legendary.


    Things Neil won’t tell you about himself:

    He climbed Kilimanjaro

    He used to play rugby but now spends a bit more time watching it.

    Travelling with the family is a passion and they have an adventurous bucket list to work through.

    He absolutely loves the people side of real estate.


    Outside of work – Neil is a family man and likes to relax with a nice cold beer when off duty.


    Let’s talk about Cathy

    Interestingly, to extract an interview about Cathy is difficult. She will openly talk about the real estate market, her team and Neil’s accomplishments but exudes a modesty that is refreshing. Clients warm to the fact that Cathy is very down to earth and humble in her approach, she still sees working in real estate as an absolute privilege, being trusted by the client in this very personal investment. Her team however, is more forthcoming about Cathy’s strengths, as she is a formidable professional with an energy that is contagious and exciting. Whilst her reputation speaks for itself, you only have to meet Cathy to know she is going to get the job done, to the very best of her ability.


    Previous to working in real estate, Cathy was one of the founders of Ecay Trade, the local version of Ebay. Ecay has developed an online advertising platform that was unseen in the Cayman Islands. Previously. She then joined Neil in real estate and the two have burnt a pathway to success that is world class. Her tenacity and creative approach to making sure Williams2 and the team are ahead of the market is relentless and clients always know they are the number 1 priority. Cathy is extremely creative and ensures that Williams2  stands apart from other real estate company on island, so clients can clearly see how she is promoting their properties to their maximum potential.


    Things Cathy won’t tell you about herself:

    She’s Irish…

    Cathy has a 2nd degree Black Belt in Don Jitsu Ryu (Purple Dragon International) and won gold at the Karate Championships in Trinidad (July 2015).

    Cathy and Neil’s two girls have also accomplished their black belts in in Don Jitsu Ryu (Purple Dragon International) recently, which takes massive dedication from the girls as individuals, and from Neil and Cathy in supporting them.


    Outside of Work:

    Cathy has been known to occasionally take time off from working, training and spending time with her girls to enjoy with a vino of very chilled Sauvignon Blanc with her best friend, who is also her husband (a maximum of two glasses only however!).


    Jim is a partner with Neil and Cathy Williams, and their meeting of minds and skills has help shape Cayman Islands real estate today. Jim is unsurpassed in his knowledge of the Seven Mile Beach condominium market. With his extensive background in condominium and property management, he adds a wealth of expertise and insight to the Williams2 Team that benefits both buyers and sellers.

    As a top producer in Cayman Islands Real Estate for 25 years, Jim Fraser is also one of the most highly regarded realtors –– respected by colleagues and clients alike. Referrals from clients who have bought or sold properties in Cayman represent over 90% of Jim’s business. This record is outstanding and clients are rest assured that placing their investment opportunity in Jims’ hand will reap fantastic rewards.

    Jim’s enthusiasm for success extends well beyond his professional life. He is a dedicated father of three sons and has been active with the Cayman Islands Little League and Cayman Islands Swimming Association for years. Originally from western Canada, Jim has chosen to make Cayman his home since 1983.

    What Jim won’t tell you about himself:
    Not one, but two of his sons are Olympic swimmers. This level of dedication as a parent is simply outstanding


    Simon Law is one of Cayman’s most renowned realtors. Simon brokered the largest real estate transaction in Cayman’s real estate history, Treasure Island Hotel and Resort, and is responsible for brokering some major land acquisitions over his decade in the Industry.

    Simon is loved by his colleagues and clients alike. A testament to this is that on average 70% of Simon’s business is repeat clients or clients who have referred their business associates to him. He hails from Liverpool, England but has lived in the Cayman Islands since the early 90’s. His passion for real estate coupled with his naturally charming personality and real estate acumen will ensure a first class experience for anybody seeking to purchase their first home or a retirement home, condo or commercial property in the Cayman Islands.


    James has an exceptional background in real estate including having co-run a reputable property management and leasing company here in the Cayman Islands for the 6 years previous to joining the team at Williams2 in 2013. What does he loves about his job? The opportunity to find a home for everyone, as the market in the Cayman Islands is so diverse.

    James’ strength as an agent comes from his people connections, across a multitude of industries. He then spent several years working as the sports producer/anchor for the Cayman Islands Television Network, collecting a Caribbean Media Award for his coverage of the Cayman Islands Commonwealth Games team’s participation at the 2000 games in Melbourne Australia. James has helped raised over $3.6million in fundraising for local charities, working as an MC/auctioneer for a range of causes including abused children, breast cancer, Red Cross, and pediatric cancer research charities just to name a few. As a result of this amazing contribution to society and his TV fame, James is extremely well connected, both personally and professionally. He has what he calls visuality (he confirms this is a real word)…You can be confident that as a result of this, James can find you the perfect home or match you with the perfect buyer.

    Things James won’t tell you about himself:
    He has 11 years in management at three five star resort hotels and was part of the Westin opening team locally.
    He spent time working with a UN medical research team in the refugee camps on the Afghanistan/Pakistan borders that focused on infant and child emergency care.
    He was a volunteer dive analyst for a British reef conservation company based in Belize and spent 6 months rebuilding the reef as part of a restoration project in the Cayman Islands.
    He’s a certified Pilot for Atlantis Submarines Ltd.
    He is originally from Melbourne, Australia but the accent doesn’t really come out until beer 3 or unless he’s talking to his friends from home.

    Outside of work: although he doesn’t compete in triathlons anymore, you can find James at Cross Fit 7 Mile.

  • Marc Pothier
    Marc PothierSALES AGENT

    Marc originally left Ontario, Canada in 1994 to head up Club Med’s Scuba Diving Programmes in the Caribbean. His divers eye fell upon Little Cayman as the most perfect place to live and in 1998, he moved lock, stock and barrel to work as a Dive Master at Paradise Villas Resort, which he now owns. Marc has been involved in real estate for many years and runs both a successful construction company and a property management company, in addition to The Hungry Iguana and Paradise Villas. The infectious charm of Little Cayman still enchants Marc, as the laid back island feel and genuinely friendly locals, combined with exceptional marine and terrestrial flora and fauna make Little Cayman a truly unique place.

    Marc is an exceptional agent, his business acumen coupled with his love of the Sister Islands renders him an expert of buying and selling property in either Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. For Marc, the truly unique nature of the Island, coupled with the close proximity to Grand Cayman and its’ first class amenities, makes investing in the island a sure thing. He enjoys selling people their dream home and seeing the smile on their faces time and time again as they live in tropical bliss on Little Cayman.

    Things Marc won’t tell you about himself
    Cathy calls him ‘Mayor of Little Cayman’
    Marc is a committed conservationist and supports a range of non-profits on Little Cayman.
    He is a founder of the Little Cayman Hockey League – diving can only take up so much of the day.
    He brews his own beer!
    His high school year book said he is most likely to end up living in a beer commercial. We think he has surpassed this by quite some margin!

    Outside of work
    Marc likes to fish but as with most avid fisherman, this mainly involves buying new gear which sparkles with newness from the closet – as he rarely finds the time to relax with the fish!


  • George Davidson
    George DavidsonSales Agent

    George is a property enthusiast, buying and selling properties as renovation projects, long before ‘flipping’ houses became a reality TV favourite. Property development is in his blood and he’s a certified draftsman but George has always been interested in the creative aspect of making a home beautiful, as well as a fantastic investment opportunity. His love of architecture and building design is a side to George that his clients appreciate, especially when choosing a property that needs to care and attention to become the perfect home. What makes George such a fantastic agent is his patient and honest approach, helping buyers and sellers make the right decision. As soon as you meet George, his calm, friendly and approachable character is prevalent. You immediately understand why George has an extensive portfolio of referral clients and combined with his exceptional market knowledge, this makes him one of the hottest agents on island.

    Since the young age of 17 George has been a professional musician and has performed at several high-end establishments. He has successfully marketed and sold 10 recorded piano CDs over the past 17 years. The skill-set required to perform at this professional level is directly transferable to his success as an agent – behind his calm exterior and humble nature, George is determined, creative and excels at whatever he puts his mind to. In 2004 George started his career in real estate and hasn’t looked back, a new professional passion began.

    Things George won’t tell you about himself:
    HGTV did a Caribbean special featuring George as the agent. His approach to real estate is famous!
    He goes out of his way to ignite the fire in the real estate process and often people change their approach to buying a home after 30 minutes with George.
    Wherever George goes, he attracts people and can relate to them, regardless of background or culture difference. His wife can get a little tired of this on occasions (especially in the supermarket).
    His approach to home buying in particular is peppered with genuine ideas and creativity that not only adds value to the process but also helps people develop the home of their dreams.

    Outside of work: George is very much a family man, so his spare time, when he’s not tinkling the ivories, is spent with his wife and kids.

  • Gigi Nikolaeva
    Gigi NikolaevaSales & Rental Agent

    Gigi is well known as heading up the rentals side of Williams2 but she has also developed into a fantastic sales agent. As soon as you meet Gigi, you can feel her energy for life and you know she will take care of you and your real estate requirements. Gigi is originally from Bulgaria, a beautiful city called Varna, and speaks 4 languages fluently, including Russian. Gigi brings immense cultural depth to her clients, having travelled the world extensively before settling in Cayman in 2008. Becoming a CIREBA Agent was a natural progression for Gigi, following many years heading up fine Italian dining on a well known and highly respected cruise company. She combines attention to detail with personal tastes, a subtle yet crucial skill that her clients appreciate.

    Gigi continues to commit to finding her clients the perfect home and has delivered this promise ‘by the end of the day’. Whilst she would recommend taking longer, for clients moving to the island and needing the perfect home at short notice, Gigi will make it happen. This tenacity and confidence in her knowledge of the local market has produced amazing results for clients that need first class responsiveness and organizational skills. Gigi has also perfected the full-service niche that helps set Williams2 apart from it’s competitors helping compete the move, including advise on a range of services or just how to set up your life in Cayman, is an expected part of the role.

    Things Gigi won’t tell you about herself:
    She has been alligator hunting on the Amazon – at night.
    She’s climbed the Trafalgar Falls in Dominica (without heels though)
    Her favourite place is Santorini
    She recently completed a leg of Off the Beaten Track, again not in high heels but perhaps with a swipe of mascara and still looking fabulous.
    She supports a range of charity events, especially if it means she can get the girls together!

    Outside of work:
    Gigi has a family and likes to spend her time traveling, possibly with some shopping time and finding new and adventurous places to explore.



    Fabio’s good friend and now colleague, George Davidson, drew Fabio into real estate professionally… The duo had embarked on building a personal property portfolio as a joint venture many years ago, that raised the inevitable question, “why don’t you do this for a living”? Fabio’s move to into the industry for Capital Realty in 2004 saw the beginning of his career as an agent and he hasn’t looked back. He continues to develop his personal real estate investments and therefore has an eye on the market that many of his clients appreciate, often giving him a competitive edge regarding real estate investment opportunities.

    As with many of the Williams2 agents, there is so much more to Fabio than real estate. He is one of Cayman’s best sommeliers, certified through the Court of Masters Sommeliers. He Speaks 4 languages fluently, including Spanish and French and has travelled the world extensively. As a leading wine purveyor on behalf of an ever-increasing client-base, Fabio has a well-developed understanding of how to combine personal taste and investment opportunities. His affiliation with fine wines and the ability to find a fantastic investment home opportunity are synonymous – people trust Fabio to invest on their behalf as he improves their wine collections and his love of discovering new opportunities and creating beautiful homes makes him stand out from the crowd. Fabio has a fantastic knowledge of Cayman and combines this with a diverse background of cultural discovery, which helps him assist international clients find their perfect home.

    Things Fabio won’t tell you about himself:
    He moved to Cayman in his twenties and bought his first apartment and started his investment portfolio within months of his arrival –
    showing a commitment to real estate when most of his peers were showing more commitment to socializing.
    He’s still quite the spring chicken and his youth and energy are palpable but under the calm and friendly exterior is a very shrewd businessman that has a very clear understanding of long-term investment opportunities.
    He’s a super fitness chap and competes at the Cayman Crossfit Games.

    Outside of work:
    So Fabio is pretty much always working – but he keeps himself very fit so when he’s not developing wine collections or buying and selling homes, he’s working out.


    RAFFAELE DELL'OGLIOSales & Rental Agent

    Raffaele is an extremely well known face in the Cayman Islands, having established several of the best known Italian Restaurants in Cayman, including Casanova’s and Eduardo’s. Over 30 years front of house experience has ensured that Raffaele has an envious contact list. His extensive client list is growing however, since his foray into real estate began in earnest in 2012 and he began to combine his superlative knowledge of people and the local community with his love of finding his clients their dream home.

    For Raffaele, the move from food to real estate has been a natural progression – he has always kept one foot firmly in the local real estate market but decided to move when the development of the local economy began to boom in 2010 onwards. His comfortable manner and attention to detail for the more sophisticated look and feel are key attributes to Raffaele’s style. The beautiful weather and the ability to be on one of the furthest points of the island, whether east, west north or south within 30 minutes, gives Raffaele the confidence to help people find their perfect home, whether already on island or from abroad. People who enjoy creativity and interior design tend to warm to Raffaele, as he provides a culturally diverse perspective on finding the right property for the right client.

    Things Raffaele won’t tell you about himself:
    He started the unique restaurant ‘Les Diplomats’ that took the best of all things European and stamped itself as one of the famous eateries in Cayman ‘back in the day’.
    He has worked on some of the most booming tourism resorts to some of the quietest, most high-end islands.
    He has an infectious approach to lifestyle that seeps through to his work life – which is ideal as a real estate agent.
    His extremely patient approach gives clients security and confidence in their future.

    Outside of work:
    Raffaele is a family man and having fun with his wife and kids on the beach is a priority. He still manages to keep super fit by playing football, playing tennis and swimming.


    Krista is the newest Williams2 member but what a blonde bombshell!
    Having spent over 15 years in event planning and marketing, Krista’s love of people and interior design has drawn her to real estate, where she can combine her skills and passion, all at the same time.

    Krista originally began her career in Grand Cayman ensconced in the watersports industry, where she spent everyday helping guests to have the best ocean-bound experience the Cayman Islands has to offer. She is super organized and combines fabulous marketing acumen with a genuine desire to provide the best service for people.

    Krista comes from a background of property development and spent her childhood in homes ‘that were never quite finished’ as her father was forever improving their property, so real estate is in her blood. She particularly enjoys seeing the vast array of amazing architectural and interior design options available in Cayman. Her first rental was for a condo on 7 mile beach with staggering views and beautiful décor – she hasn’t looked back since placing that first awe inspiring home.

    Krista is currently focusing on the rental market in Grand Cayman – she specializes in finding homes for people looking to relocate to Cayman. Krista is very patient and kind, she genuinely connects with her clients and works extremely hard to get them the perfect property. Krista has traveled extensively and her advice to people moving from abroad is to make home ‘home’ as quickly as possible, which is why she works so hard to get it right for her clients.

    Things Krista won’t tell you about herself:
    She is an awesome fisherman – she often takes part in local tournaments and spends her weekends with her family on the water.

    Krista’s most rewarding property placement to date was for a client who was located at the Everest Base Camp and needed a home secured for her move to Cayman, after her mountain adventures.

    Krista is a big traveller – she has lived in Thailand, the UK, Spain, Australia and visited many countries between stops. She even sailed a yacht for 6 months along Australia’s east coast.

    Krista taps into people’s energy – which she feels is super important with helping find to the right home.

    Outside of work:
    Krista is a water baby – if she isn’t working, she’s spending time with her husband and kids in/on/above and below the ocean…

  • Simon Fenn
    Simon FennSales & Rental Agent

    Simon has an extensive background in both real estate and international management. Having moved to Cayman from the UK over twenty years ago, following an illustrious career in London with well-known real estate company Bairstow Eves, Simon managed DHL for the Caribbean region. His time at DHL involved managing a massive team and a range of logistics that would make most people shudder – but for those people who know and work with Simon, they soon understand that taking on a challenge is what makes Simon such a fantastic real estate agent and general achiever.

    Simon sets himself some fantastic goals, to enrich his life both through the accomplishments themselves and also through the discipline in getting the job done. This determination and quest to always develop, be better and generally shine means Simon is extremely driven and delivers for his clients. The Cayman real estate market is one of Simon’s passions, as he sees tremendous opportunity for sellers as local industry continues to boom. Moving to Cayman can be a significant task and Simon can provide amazing insight into the whole process. His local knowledge, ability to listen and understand exactly what the client wants and very personable style means Simon is developing his client list at a rate of knots.

    Things Simon won’t tell you about himself:
    We hinted at Simon’s accomplishments above, he won’t tell you about them so we will…
    Simon has an HGV 1 & 2 license, a Pilot’s license (PPL) and most of his Helicopter License (PPLH).
    He also knocks out half marathons like they’re an early morning jog.
    Simon says the real motivation for him is ‘the wife’, whose support and general ‘vavavoom’ is what supports him.

    Outside of work
    He will be watching the latest play directed by Juliet (Mrs Simon), taking part in running events like Off the Beaten Track and spending time with the family.


    Simone joined the Williams2 team as the office manager in October 2015. To say that Simone has a passion and ability to help drive compliance and administrative quality would be an understatement. Following 5 years in another local real estate office, Simone joined the Williams2 team due to the amazing team spirit and intimate environment that is unique in the local market.

    The administrative side of the real estate business is a crucial yet often silent part of the business. Simone has a background in business management and is undertaking an internationally recognized compliance certification, to ensure Williams2 maintains administrative standards that continue to be world class.

    Whilst Simone may operate quietly in the background, her attention to detail and professional approach helps the agents deliver a responsive, timely and accurate experience for the client.

    Things Simone won’t tell you about herself:
    She was raised in the Cayman Islands but studied in London.
    She loves the beaches, sunshine and freedom living on an island gives you.
    She’s just started playing flag football
    She loves going to the movies, preferably paired with a delicious meal out too.

    Outside of work
    Simone has a wonderful husband and two young girls who take up most of her time. She also studies, whilst enjoying the fantastic outdoor life Cayman has to offer.


    Stephanie started with Williams2 as the office manager but has quickly been promoted to the role of Business Development Manager. Stephanie absolutely loves the diversity that the real estate market provides. To help the agents develop the business, Stephanie pools the information and ideas that are brimming within the Willams2 office and progresses them in a more formal and professional way. The team is fairly unique in that they work together as a collective, allowing for true business development opportunities.

    Stephanie has been working in real estate for over 10 years. She knows the market and she knows the agents. Her photographic memory and knowledge of the real estate process, from start to finish (all Is dotted and Ts crossed) is an essential cog in the Williams2 wheel. A lot of what Stephanie does is in the background, alongside Simone but her work helps promote the business in the exceptional unified way Williams2 is marketed and ensures the client experience is the best on island.

    Things Stephanie won’t tell you about herself:
    She LOVES soca, a true island girl at heart.
    She’s a chef extraordinaire at home, which is just as well because she has 4 sons to feed.
    She is learning to say ‘hello’ in as many languages as possible

    Outside of work:
    4 sons = busy busy Mum.
    Need we say more ?

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