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Acquarius Sea Tours
Slip C12, Cayman Islands Yacht Club,
Company Phone: (345) 943-6100
Company Website:
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Cayman Islands Tourism Association
P.O. Box 31086, 1320 West Bay Road
Company Phone: (345) 949-8522
Company Mobile: (345) 938-9380
Company Fax: (345) 946-8522
Company Website: ,
Dolphin Discovery
PO Box 30247 North West Road (across from Turtle Farm)
Company Phone: (345)769-7946 (SWIM)
Company Website:
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Cayman Islands Department of Tourism
P.O. Box 67, Windward 3, Regatta Business Park
Company Phone: (345) 949-0623
Company Fax: (345) 949-4053
Company Website:
Brac Scuba Shack
Cayman Brac
Company Phone: 345-925-3215
Company Website:
Cayman Private Charters
472 West Bay Road
Company Phone: (345) 926 - 2722
Company Fax: (345) 945 - 1734
Company Website:
Cayman Private Charters Boat Rentals
472 West Bay Road
Company Phone: (345) 926 - 2722
Company Fax: (345) 945 - 1734

Divers Supply (Cayman) Ltd.
P.O. Box 31013, West Shore Centre, Seven Mile Beach
Company Phone: (345) 949-7621
Company Fax: (345) 949-7616


Absolute Divers
P.O. Box 11902
Company Phone: (345) 946-9993
Company Website:
Advanced Diving School
P.O. Box 1907,  Eden Rock Diving Centre, Sth Church St. GT.
Company Phone: (345) 949-0208

Ambassador Divers Ltd
P.O. Box 2396, GT, Comfort Suites Resort
Company Phone: (345) 916-1064 / (345) 743-5513
Company Website:
Aquanauts Diving
P.O. Box 30147, Morgan's Harbour WB
Company Phone: (345) 946-7049

B S A C - Cayman Islands Divers
P.O. Box 1515,
Company Phone: (345) 949-1308

Cayman Agressor IV
P.O. Box 10028, Artco Center 8 Crewe Rd
Company Phone: (345) 949-5551
Company Fax: (345) 949-8729

Cayman Brac - Reef Divers II
P.O. Box 56WPO Brac Reef Resort
Company Phone: (345) 948-1642
Company Fax: (345) 948-1279
Company Website:
Cayman Diving College
P.O. Box 1706, Nth Church St
Company Phone: (345) 943-1611
Company Fax: (345) 943-1611
Company Website:
Cayman Diving Lodge
P.O. Box 11, 2360 Seaview Road, Esat End
Company Phone: (345) 947-7555
Company Fax: (345) 947-7560
Company Website:
Cayman Diving School
P.O. Box 31064, Seven Mile Beach
Company Phone: (345) 949-4729
Company Website:
Cayman Islands Diving Lodge
P.O. Box 11
Company Phone: (345) 947-7555

Cayman Marine Lab
P.O. Box 30548,
Company Phone: (345) 916-0849
Company Website:
Cayman Six Pack Divers
Seven Mile Shops
Company Phone: (345) 949-4729
Company Fax: (345) 926-4729

Cayman University Divers
PO BOX 31470
Company Phone: (345) 327-1238
Company Website: ,
Compass Point Dive Resort
P.O. Box 200, 345 Austin Conolly Dr., East End
Company Phone: (345) 947-7500
Company Fax: (345) 947-7600
Company Website:
Conch Club Divers
P.O. Box 11800,
Company Phone: (345) 948-1026
Company Fax: (345) 948-1028

Dive Cayman Ltd
P.O. Box 596, Town Hall Crescent
Company Phone: (345) 945-5770

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Cayman Islands Diving FAQ's

What is the marine life like around Cayman?

One word – incredible. You will not find a better, more accessible array of fish and aquatic life anywhere else in the world. Seeing is believing. Take my word for it if you snorkel or dive in Cayman you will not be disappointed.

Are there combined dive/accommodation vacation packages?

Yes there are a number of hotels with Dive Centers that offer Vacation Packages. They offer holidays to suit your individual requirements and budget. Look at our listings to discover which hotels have dive centers.

How long does it take to learn to dive?

There are a number of options for a beginner diver. The minimum qualification to become a certified diver in the PADI Open Water. This can be completed in 3 days and is also great fun as the course is very practical and much of the time is spent diving under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. There are also short courses that allow the beginner to try diving in a pool first and then go on a guided dive in the Ocean. This is an excellent option for those who want to experience the thrill of diving without committing to a course and only take a few hours. Contact your hotel, accommodation or the dive centers directly to discover what they can arrange.

Does anyone provide qualified scuba instruction for children?

Yes many of the dive centers have specific courses for Children. Children from as young as 10 can learn to dive and one of the best places to start is in a swimming pool. Your hotel or accommodation will be able to provide you with more information or alternatively contact the dive centers to discover what children’s courses they offer.

I’m very nervous of the water, but want to try. Can I get help?

One of the best options is to book a pool dive with an instructor from one of the dive centers. Explain your situation and they will be happy to accommodate your needs. You can dive and get expert help in the comfort of a swimming pool and if you then want to try diving in the sea a shore dive is a fantastic way of seeing some of Cayman’s delights without the need to head for the deep water.

Can I rent it all in Cayman?

Yes all diving gear is rentable in Cayman at very reasonable prices. Speak to the dive center when booking about your requirements.

What kit should I bring?

If you have got all the gear then bring it. However all you will really need is your bathing costume and a sense of adventure. Scuba gear can be heavy and bulky and you might want to save your luggage allowance for other things and avoid any nasty excess baggage costs. All equipment can be hired and rented at very reasonable prices from the dive centers.

Can I train for license or certification as a scuba diver?

Yes there are numerous dive centers that can offer certification in diving. They are PADI certified and offer courses all the way from ‘Open Water’ to ‘Dive Master’ qualifications. Look in our listings under diving for all the dive centers in Cayman.

Is it possible to charter a snorkeling trip?

There are a variety of companies in Cayman offering private charters for snorkeling trips. The advantage of this of course is that you do not have to follow a set itinerary and can visit some of the less crowded spots.