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The rate is $11.00 per hour with a least amount of six hours for each visit.  Please meet the helper before leaving the house and show her around.  The client will supply the cleaning items.

We accept cash or cheques; you may pay the helper when she is finished.  The helper will bring a time sheet which is added, totaled and signed by the client that she can bring in the payment.  The helper does the washing, (not hand washing) ironing, windows sweeping, mopping etc.

 They do not clean up after pets like kitty litter. Confirm with the helper how to lock the house when finished and how to enter if you are not there.  She should not let anyone in the house without your permission.  If you are expecting someone for repairs etc, please let the helper know.  They are not to let anyone in the home without your permission.


 Please let me know if you require any more information.

Thanks for your inquiry.


Yours Sincerely,


Darleen Ebanks

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