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BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.
BrittHay Electric Ltd.

BCQS Property Management Ltd. has been relying on the expertise and reliability of BrittHay for many years.  Their service department is always responsive and efficient, and their after sales and customer care is first rate.

Whether a minor service call or a major electrical installation, they invariably perform well.  I am therefore delighted to offer our continued support to Kenny Hay and his team.

Tim Hepburn
BCQS Property Management LTD
Phone: (345) 949-9300
Cell: (345) 516-6821
Fax: (345) 949-7184

With Keith Short at the helm of their contracting division, it comes as no surprise to me that BrittHay (formerly Hay Electric Co Ltd) is one of the most successful electrical contractors on Grand Cayman. We have been working with Keith since 1989 when we broke ground for The Palms condominiums on the Seven Mile Beach.

The efficiently and honesty displayed by Keith Short on the following Butler Properties condominium projects, only serves to strengthen our working relationship; Coralstone Club, Phases I and II 1991-93, The Sovereign 1995 Crescent Point 1997, Mandalay 1999, the Meridian 2005 and our two current projects, the Renaissance and Beachcomber, two 7-story condominium complexes on the famous Seven Mile Beach. Given the longevity of our working relationship, we are totally in sync with each other.

This not only takes the hassle out of the job, but places considerable faith in the ability of our electrical contracts manager. Keith has never let us down, and on more than one occasion, bailed us out of situations. We look forward to working with Keith and his partners in BrittHay Electric Ltd.

Steve Carrig
Project Manager
Butler Properties
Tel: (345) 769-4977
Fax: (345) 945-5012
[email protected]

Electrical Supplies, Inc. has been doing business with Kenny Hay and Keith Short of Hay Electric Co. Ltd in George Town, Grand Cayman for over a decade.  During that time, Kenny and Keith have conducted business in a highly professional and exemplary manner, meeting all obligations in a most timely fashion.  Under their new name, BrittHay, we would highly recommend this company as an outstanding electrical contractor, and take this opportunity to congratulate them on their recent partnership with Brittashan Enterprises Corp. of New Jersey.  We look forward to a continued good business relationship with them.

Fred Segal, CEO
Electrical Supplies Inc. (ESI)
13395 N.W. 107th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33018
Phone: (305) 702-6001
Fax: (305) 702-6004

My sincere congratulations to the management and staff of BrittHay, formerly known as Hay Electric, on their new partnership.

Foster’s Food Fair first had the opportunity to work with Mr. Kenny Hay (owner/manager) and his team in 1997 when the Strand supermarket was being constructed. They had the electrical contract for that project and they proved their efficiency as they overcame many obstacles during the project. Since then, Foster’s has continued to utilize their services whenever needed.

Mr. Hay and his experienced team are to be commended for their reliability, professionalism and dedication. From small jobs to major projects, they have shown their ability in getting the job done to meet both deadlines and set standards.

One of our most recent contracts with them was the rebuilding of the Airport store after the devastating Hurricane Ivan (Sep.2004. Their crew, under the strong leadership of Kenny Hay and Keith Short (Owner/Projects Manager), worked tirelessly against, what then seemed like unattainable deadlines, to get the store operational for opening in such a short space of time. Without their extremely hard work and dedication, Foster’s would not have made their re-opening deadline of December 14, 2004, three short months after Hurricane Ivan.

We look forward to a continued business relationship with BrittHay.

Woodrow Foster
Managing Director
Foster’s Food Fair
Phone: (345) 949-5155
Fax: (345) 949-7373

I am frequently asked to submit testimonials for people and often shy away from the task. In this instance, I do not hesitate to recommend Kenny Hay and Keith Short of Hay Electric. As an Architect and the Managing Director of OBM Limited, I can attest to the quality and professionalism that is associated with Hay Electric. These gentlemen are good at keeping promise, a rarity in the present construction industry. Their recent merger with Brittashan Enterprises will undoubtedly provide them with unlimited resources both in manpower and equipment and we look forward to many years and projects together with the new BrittHay team.

Cindy O’Hara BAarch MRAIC
Managing Director OBM International
Phone: (345) 949-8115
Fax: (345) 949-7403
[email protected]

It gives me great pleasure to write this testimonial on behalf of Hay Electric/BrittHay Electric.

McAlpine has been doing business in the Cayman Islands as a General Contractor since 1971 and has been responsible for many of the more prestigious buildings erected in Grand Cayman.

I am happy to say that commencing in 1987 at our Hyatt Hotel contract, Kenny Hay has worked with our company from time to time. When Kenny formed Hay Electric 1991, we were able to award two of our major commercial contracts; Harbour Place, and The Royal Bank of Canada to Hay Electric. Both contracts were exceptional successes, in no small measure due to Hay Electric’s efforts. We now look forward to working with BrittHay on several of our upcoming projects.

All of our project managers and superintendents enjoy the harmonious working relationships with your field staff and the common wish expressed by all is: “if only all the other subs performed like BrittHay…”

Henry Propper, M.B.E.
Managing Director McAlpine Ltd.
Tel: (345) 949-4666
Fax: (345) 949-7227

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