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Cayman Turtle Centre
Snorkel in our Turtle Lagoon
Crocodile feeding time
Cayman Turtle Centre
Cayman Turtle Centre
Cayman Turtle Centre
Ride the Turtle Twister Water slide

Turtle Lagoon

Jump in and swim with yearling Green Sea Turtles and other colorful marine life in Turtle Lagoon! This lagoon is also adorned with little islands where peacocks live. Swimming alongside juvenile turtles that are learning to find their own food so they can be released, into the wild you can’t experience a snorkeling trip like this anywhere else.

Breaker’s Lagoon

Cool off and relax at Breaker’s Lagoon – the largest swimming pool on the island - which boasts two fun waterfalls and its own underwater viewing panel for another opportunity to peer into the fascinating predator tank! 
This pool is named after the breakers off the eastern districts; these are shallow areas where you can see waves break.

Turtle Twister Water Slide

Make a splash down our Turtle Twister Water Slide which stands at just over 15ft high & 100ft long!

Predator Reef

Peer through the underwater or dry viewing panels and come nose-to-nose with sandbar sharks or large nurse sharks! Other amazing predators include tarpon, barracuda, and even our Mighty Loggerhead turtle “Bowser” lives here.

Ask our trainers about feeding times! You don’t want to miss this feeding fun!

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