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Cayman Turtle Centre
Snorkel in our Turtle Lagoon
Crocodile feeding time
Cayman Turtle Centre
Cayman Turtle Centre
Cayman Turtle Centre
Ride the Turtle Twister Water slide

Smiley’s Saltwater Lagoon

Our 9 foot and growing American saltwater crocodile resides here! In late 2006 Grand Cayman received an unexpected visitor, Smiley, the first crocodile seen in the Cayman Islands since the late-1950’s!  She and her crocodile ancestors were originally called “Caimanas” by the early Spanish explorers, from which the Cayman Islands derived its name.  Smiley is trained to jump and follow a target for food and a reward.  Ask about feeding show times.

Caribbean Free Flight Aviary

Not all of our animal friends live in the water. Stroll around the Caribbean Aviary to meet local and exotic Caribbean birds; including the Cayman Parrot, our national bird, and the colourful Scarlet Ibis. Some birds are busy making nests or foraging for food but ask about close-up encounters with the more curious of the bunch!

Butterfly Central

At the start of the Rainy Season as well as once or twice during the 6-month period, large numbers of Great Southern White butterflies swarm in mating rituals to lay hundreds of eggs, almost resembling snow flurries. The butterflies lay their eggs on a variety of native feed plants that bloom and grow profusely with the rains, including Wild Rosemary and cultivated cabbage plants- which may be how they gained their other name “Cabbage White Butterfly”.  You will see them everywhere if you are visiting at the right time of year, but for an up-close encounter with these and other local butterfly species head to the Blue Hole Nature Trail where Butterfly Central is located.

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