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Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo6
Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo5
Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo4
Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo8
Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo7
Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo6
Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche) - Photo5
Open fields, sunshine and an obstacle course!!
Play with your friends.
Join in pleasant conversation around the water cooler.
Places to stay inside when it is rainy or too hot.
Secure and Fun, just what you need to get great excercise!
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Cayman Pet Paradise (Cheval Ranche)

Pets in Need

If you are looking for a lost pet, or if you would like to give a pet a forever home here are some local websites:

  • Cayman Animal Rescue -
  • Cayman Islands Dept of Agriculture -
  • Cayman Islands Humane Society -
  • Protection of Animal Welfare Society - [email protected]
  • Ogier Animal Welfare Fund (Canine Friends) - 

The following dogs are staying with us at the kennels. They are all looking for their forever homes.

Angel – Angel has been at CPP for about a year and a half now. She was found in the Beach Bay Road area very emaciated, HW positive, a hurt back leg and we didn’t realize it at the time, but pregnant. She gave birth to a still born pup on Easter Sunday 2015 and then had to have the other two pups inside her surgically removed and she was spayed. The leg healed, she is no longer HW positive and she is a bundle of love. Loves to play with a tennis ball and any other toy. She also would like to be a lap dog and will gladly lay in your lap if given a chance. Angel does have some issues with other dogs at times but I think it’s mostly from jealousy. She would be best in a single dog family however. We are working on getting her more socialized with other dogs too.


Angel – PAWS – This Angel just came to us this past weekend. She is also HW positive, has had a litter but will be spayed soon. She is a very sweet soul and seems to get along with other dogs, although we have been keeping her quiet because of the Heartworm.  She is very friendly with humans and loves attention. She is being treated for HW and hopefully will be free of it in the next few months.


Lucy and Lexi – Canine Friends – This pair are very much alike. They are high energy, but also very affectionate and just love to be given attention. They play very well with other dogs and it’s hoped they could find a home together as they definitely are a team. Both are HW positive, but are currently being treated for this with the immiticide shots  and should be HW free in the next couple of months.








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