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Mission Statement

Here at Dr. Glatz office we strive to provide care that is evidence based and patient centered. We focus on organizing our services and staff around the patient’s needs, rather than the other way round

Patient centered care is defined as:

“Health care that respects and honors patients’ individual wants, needs, and

Preferences, and that assures that individual patients’ values guide all decisions”.

(The Institute of Medicine Committee)

We will achieve this through the following agreed values:

  1. Respect- ourselves, each other, our patients and their families.
  2. Informed choices- for our patients and their families/ carers.
  3. All patients are cared for in a timely, safe and appropriate manner according to professional standards, medico-legal and statutory requirements.
  4. Care is coordinated to ensure the best possible outcomes for the patient.
  5. Effective communication, accurate and timely documentation.
  6. Professionalism- through skills, education, nurturing, loyalty, commitment and excellence.
  7. A positive attitude.
  8. Maintaining confidentiality and privacy.
  9. Quality- being patient advocates, delivering quality care through quality resources, workforce and materials.
  10. Acknowledgement, recognition and values.
  11. Fair workload- time, resources, workforce, materials, equity and skill mix.
  12. Honesty.
  13. Satisfaction & Empowerment.
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