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Allergy Testing


What is an allergy test?

Based on your symptoms, Dr. Glatz may recommend you have an allergy test.

You will be given an appointment to come into the office for the test which takes about 30 minutes in total.

It tests for environmental allergens only like dust, mold, grasses, pollens as well as cat/dog hair and feathers. It does not test for food allergies.

Before the test you must STOP the following medications:

  • Short acting antihistamines (i.e. Benadryl) 5 days before the test
  • Long acting antihistamines (i.e. Allergra, Zyrtec, Claritin) 2 weeks before the test
  • Oral steroids (i.e. prednisone, hydrocortisone) 1 month prior to the test

The test involves putting drops of the allergens on both forearms (up to 35 different allergens are tested). The screening test does not involve any needles.
For small children the back is used for testing rather than the arms

You will then need to sit still for 15 minutes after which any allergic reactions on the skin will be measured. Reactions may be red, raised and itchy; a spray will be used at the end of the test to reduce the allergy.

The results will be available as soon as the test is complete.

What happens next?

Dr. Glatz will recommend treatment for your allergies. This could include environmental controls and/or medication.

If you have allergies that are severe enough, further testing may be recommended in order to tailor make a vaccine for you to treat your allergies.

You will be given another appointment for any further allergy testing. This test involved injecting a tiny amount of the allergens just under the skin. This will determine the strength of your vaccine.

Allergy vaccines are administrated on a weekly basis and continued on average between 2 – 4 years to give symptom relief of your allergies.

What is the cost?

Most insurance companies cover allergy testing and will pay a large percentage of the cost AFTER you have met your deductible.

On average patients will pay around CI$70 for the screening allergy testing (more if you need to meet your deductible).

If you do not have insurance the cost of the screening allergy test is CI$280.00.

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