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Healthy Solutions Cayman
Healthy Solutions Cayman
Healthy Solutions Cayman
Healthy Solutions Cayman
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Healthy Solutions Cayman

I suffered from chronic constipation for years.Some times it would be 3-4 days without going to the bathroom. When I travelled I had even more problems to pass my stool. I have 3 children and had enemas prior to my 3 C-Sections. I have haemorrhoids due to straining over the years and I use to always feel bloated and nauseated after i ate. Since being educated to the importance of proper elimination of waste in my body I feel much better (lighter) I've done a colonic years ago but it was a totally different experience. I continue to tell all my friends about my experience at Healthy Solutions. Keep up the good works. C. D Clarendon, Jamaica

I was all messed up and confused about the whole "bowel movement" thing. I thought when ever I go out would be the time I needed to go. I was told it was normal to go 2-3 times a week, I took laxatives when it was overbearing, I also had cramps, nausea, bloatedness, fatigue, backpain, acid reflux and bouts of yeast infections which would leave and return within a few weeks after taking antibiotics or using antifungals. My fitness instructors recommended I do a series of colonics and detox sessions for my bloatedness and they specifically referred me to Dr. Fagan. After she did an indepth health consultation with anatomy and physiology, toxins, water, cons and pros of antibiotics, colon therapy benifits and contraindications and other important health issues I was amazed at her knowledge. I felt relieved even during the session and started passing my stool better after my first colonic. I am a testimony of the fact. S. B St Catherine, Jamaica

Prostate Cancer Survivor: My helper brought home a flyer and started telling about detoxing and colon therapy because she was aware that I was having some constipation problems due to the medication i have to be taking. At first I was very sceptical of the whole idea but was curious. I decided to go on Dr. Fagan's website and was shocked at the educational material she had posted. I was still sceptical but decided to call her to see how much she knew about my condition and colon therapy. To my surprise she was well educated and had hands on training and experience in the surgerical procedure I had done. Still secpetical I asked my MD who said he had very little knowledge about colon therapy, I asked around and even asked my pharmacist who told me it was one of the best things i could do to prevent chronic constipation which could lead to further complications, she also said i was to make sure the therapist was properly trained and certified, I gave her the website and the rest is history! After my first session I felt so good and releived that I booked another session for the following month when Dr Fagan would be visiting. Because of her Nursing background I felt comfortable and she uses disposable items. W. B, Grand Cayman

I am a frequent visitor to Grand Cayman from the USA. Few months ago a friend introduced me to Dr. Fagan on one of her visits to Grand Cayman to have a detox done. I was having severe joint pain, low in energy, stressed out and needed a boost. After filling out my client questionaire and being educated to the benifits and contraindications, I did my first detox session. Honestly, at first i was a bit sceptical. No chemicals or drugs was used only clear water. I was amazed at the results and can honestly say I felt energized and uplifted after only one session, my joint pain was relieved and I went on to do my colonic which relieved my back pain and constipation problems. She adheres to and uses Strict aseptic techniques to prevent cross-contamination of her clients, Both of these was my first experience and I dont know if I would've done it anywhere else. Thanks Dr. J. Fagan. R.A USA

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