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Dr Juliette D. Fagan - BIO

Dr. Juliette Fagan D.Div / Naturopathic Practitioner and Cert. Advanced Colon Therapist is the Founder and President of Vison Miracle COG Int’l, and the proud Owner and CEO of Healthy Solutions Colonic and Detoxification Centres in Portmore Jamaica and Grand Cayman. An Ex-Police Officer who went on to become a graduate of The Cayman Islands School Of Nursing. She then earned a government scholarship to attend Lindsey Hopkins Technical, USA to become a Cert. Surgical Technologist. She worked at the George Town Hospital in the operating theatre, various departments and was appointed Supervisor of The Sterilizing Department for many years. Until this day she is still highly respected by her peers and Medical Doctors whom she has worked with at the hospital. She is quick to tell you “ I am not a Medical Doctor “ and I work with Medical Doctors - but give unto me what is due to me.

After suffering from chronic constipation for many years she decided to pursue studies in alternative medicine. Due to her nursing background and vast knowledge in Human Anatomy and Physiology and Hospital Quality Assurance she was accepted and did her studies through The Alternative Medicine Colledge of Canada to become a Natural Consultant, Educator and Technitian ( Practitioner ). She then went on to study at The International School of Colon Hydrotherapy, USA and was Cert. by I-ACT ( International Association for Colon Therapist ). She also furthered her biblical studies at The International Seminary,USA and Brevard Christian Universaty, USA both - Doctor of Divinity Diplomas and recently at GI Doctors, NY to become the first Advanced ColoLavage MedPro in the caribbean. Dr Juliette is slowly but surely earning the respect of Medical Doctors and Radiologists in Jamaica and has been highly recommended by Dr C. Demetriou a leading Gastroenterologist/MD,NY and Amy Sanders a trainer and reasearcher.. She hopes to open a training centre one day to educate and empower young people about careers in the various fields. She believes Conventional (Allopathic) and Complimentary (naturopathic ) Medicine are both important in saving and sustaining lives. She has complied with and met the necessary requirements as required by the local Health Practice Commissions as it pertains to signage and qualification as a Naturopathic Practitioner / Cert. Colon Therapist / Cert. Surgical Technologist and Reflexologist.

She is a highly sought after preacher and motivational speaker in her own rights. She has spoken for companies like Sagicore Jamaica, Chancellor Insurance Agents, Schools, Retreats, Women's conferences, banquets, Youth Groups, health and Small Business Seminars and on the Political platform on several occassions - Overseas, Jamaica, USA, Canada and Africa. She was recently appointed by the Global Professional Association for Colon Therapist as “ GPACT Awareness Ambassador “ Grand Cayman and Jamaica.

Dr Fagan has been the guest speaker for Jamaica’s 1st Female Prime Minister, The Most Honorable Portia Simpson-Miller Women’s Movement Conferences, Mayor George Lee, Former Mayor of Portmore Keith Hinds, Senator Hyacinth Bennett and several others. She is presently a Member of Advisory Council Board of ( JNBS) Jamaica National Building Society, Portmore Jamaica.

She was dubbed by the Jamaican Observer news paper as “The most inspiring woman in Jamaica in 2008” was featured on one of Jamaica’s most popular TV show “Profile” – with her true life story. Dr Fagan has also spoken on various topics as it pertains to colon therapy, detoxification, stress, systemic toxicity etc.

She believes in 3 John 2 – I wish above everything that you “Prosper – and BE in good health EVEN as your soul prospers”

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