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Seven Mile Medical Clinic

Counselling Psychology Services

We all face concerns and difficulties in our lives that can impact our work, relationships and wellbeing. It’s easy to become overwhelmed by life. We can work hard at juggling all of life’s demands but an event such as a relationship break-up, diagnosis of a debilitating disease, losing someone we love or losing control over certain behaviors can result in feeling lost, unable to cope and often alone. That is where counselling comes in.

What can you expect from counselling? To be heard in a confidential environment, without judgment but more importantly with understanding by a professional who is not fazed by your issues and can confidently help you through a tough time. Together, we will clarify what is going on for you, what you would like to focus on, then develop a plan for achieving positive change in your life.

Counselling is a process, there is seldom a “quick fix.” After all, your patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving have developed over your lifetime and often for good reasons. You may need a degree of patience, along with commitment and active participation in the counselling process in order to make the changes you desire. Counselling does not just provide short term relief from your situation but can help to create a foundation for realizing your full potential.

There are many reasons individuals seek counselling. These include anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship problems, parenting, step-family issues, separation & divorce, grief &loss, stress management, sleep problems, self-development, and smoking cessation.

If you would like to find out how counselling could help you please phone or email me for an introductory conversation.

Alexandra Stewart BSN, MA

Phone: 345-925-4804

E-mail: [email protected]

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