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Department of Environmental Health (DEH)



How can I make complaints about rodents or rats?
You can call the DEH to make a request to have your property baited (DEH does not bait apartment complexes or businesses) by calling 949-6696 or 743-5942/743-5985 or send a request via email to [email protected]


How can I make a complaint about sewage or mould or unsanitary conditions?
You can contact the DEH to make a complaint by calling 949-6696 or 743-5942/743-5985. Or send an email to [email protected]


How can I get my cistern water tested to know if it is safe to drink?
The DEH laboratory can conduct water testing and provide information and recommendations for the care and maintenance of cisterns and wells. Please note that certain DEH lab test carry a fee. Contact the DEH Lab at 743-5908/743-5907 for further information.


I think something I ate in a restaurant has given me food poisoning. What should I do?
Seek medical attention immediately and contact the Public Health Department at the Cayman Islands Health Service Authority at 949-8600 for assistance in treatment and diagnosis. Public Health will contact the Department of Environmental Health (DEH) for follow-up investigations of the possible sources of a confirmed food-borne illness. Any general concerns regarding food premises should be reported to DEH at 743-5942/743-5985 or 949-6696.


Do I need an Environmental Health inspection of my business premises for a trade and business license?
All environmental health related businesses are required to be inspected and approved by the DEH before a trade and business license is granted. Persons should fill out the necessary form to request an inspection and submit it to the DEH office or contact DEH at 949-6696 for further information.


What is recycled in the Cayman Islands?
The Cayman Islands currently recycles Aluminium cans, used motor oil, used cooking oil, batteries (both lead-acid and nickel cadmium), scrap metal and natural Christmas trees. Contact the DEH at 743-5952 for more information, or email [email protected]


The garbage men didn't pick up (all) my garbage. What should I do?
Contact the DEH at 743-5985/743-5942 or 949-6696.


I have some materials to take to the landfill. Who should I contact?
Call the DEH solid waste management unit at 949-8793.


My neighbor's septic tank is overflowing onto my property. What should I do?
Contact the DEH at 743-5985/743-5942 or 949-6696.


What is the procedure for purchasing a cemetery vault?
Contact the DEH Health at 743-5941 or 743-5947 for further information.


Who do I contact after hours if I have an environmental health emergency?
Contact 911 immediately.


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