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Department of Environmental Health (DEH)

The DEH Laboratory provides analytical services in support of the Department of Environmental Health in its mandate of monitoring and controlling environmental conditions that may adversely affect human health; and makes every effort to ensure that such information obtained is accurate, precise, legally defensible and produced in a timely fashion.

  Core Laboratory Services include

  • Analytical Services
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Hazmat / Emergency Response
  • Seminar Training

 The DEH Laboratory

  • Conducts analytical services that form part of the DEH monitoring programs relating to environmental health. Examples of analytical services offered are testing programmes that analyse samples or conduct measurements of potable water, recreational water (pools and beaches), wastewater, ground water, indoor air quality, environmental noise and food.
  • Conducts environmental impact assessments with relation to environmental health issues.
  • Provides assistance in the preparation of disaster preparedness plans and plans for the mitigation of accidental environmental disasters.
  • Provides analytical services to the food safety monitoring program to improve the islands’ food hygiene practices.
  • Responds to emergencies involving Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT).
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