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Department of Environmental Health (DEH)

This section of the department is responsible for the management of district sanitation within the Cayman Islands. This includes the inspection, monitoring and enforcement of the Public Health Laws and DEH guidelines in the following areas:-

  • Auto garages/petrol service stations.
  • All schools (including day care and tertiary schools).
  • Collection of water/sewage samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Cosmetology industry which includes barber shops, beauty salons, tattoo parlors, and other health care centres.
  • Environmental health nuisances and pests.
  • Environmental health promotion and special projects.
  • Public sanitary facilities such as beaches and cemeteries.
  • Private dwellings and public buildings.
  • Retirement facilities, foster homes and other public institutions.
  • Recreational waters such as swimming pools and spas.
  • Tourist accommodations such as hotels, condominiums, guest houses & tenement houses.
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