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At Smile Dental Clinic we believe in making the most of new technology to offer the best possible treatments to our patients. Some of our new innovations are listed below.

Digital X-Rays 

Smile Dental Clinic uses a digital x-ray system. This allows your x-ray to be taken on a special imaging plate which can then be instantly transferred to the computer. The system uses less radiation, which is better for you and our team, and no messy chemicals to develop the x-rays. Safer for you and our team and environmentally friendly.

Benefits of Digital Dental X-Rays:

There are many benefits to using digital dental x-ray images, including:

  • When the digital x-ray image is exposed, it can be sent directly to a computer and viewed right away. For x-ray film to be exposed, a staff member must process it in special chemicals. This takes a few minutes.
  • Digital x-ray images can be enlarged on the computer screen. This makes it much easier for you and the dentist to see the pictures. Traditional x-ray films are viewed actual size.
  • Digital x-ray images can often be corrected without having to make another x-ray exposure.
  • The dental office can print or copy your digital x-ray images. They can also be sent electronically to insurance companies, which may help claims get processed faster.
  • Digital x-rays are environmentally friendly. They eliminate the need for film and film processing chemicals.
  • Digital x-ray images may require less radiation.

Digital x-rays have many advantages over regular (plain film) x-rays including:

  • Immediate viewing of the imaged area with significantly less radiation exposure for the patient
  • Better visualization of the area due to your doctor being able to digitally enhance the image on the computer screen
  • No processing chemicals or film are needed to view the image resulting in a more environmentally friendly situation

Digital xrays reduce patients exposure by 70 to 80 %. Many patients are very relieved that digital radiography significantly lowers the amount of radiation they will receive.

OPG (Panoramic X-Ray)

Smile Dental Clinic offers the facility of an OPG machine. This is a very sophisticated x-ray system which shows the whole mouth. This allows the Dentist to assess many areas of the mouth that standard x-rays cannot.

Intra-Oral Camera

The intraoral camera is slightly larger than the size of a dental mirror. It has a built-in light source, and serves as a tiny video camera that allows us to zoom in on one tooth with significant magnification, or give you "video tour" of your entire mouth. The images are displayed on a high resolution monitor, so you and your hygienist or dentist will be able to see problems such as worn or broken fillings, cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to existing fillings and excessive wear. 

Diode Dental Laser

There are many different types of lasers used in dentistry, and their applications vary. The most common use of lasers is for periodontal (gum) treatment and oral surgery. The following procedures are done by the laser in our office:

  • Laser Curettage (sometimes done with scaling & root planing.)
  • Surgical Crown-lengthening before your general dentist places a crown.
  • Gingival plastic surgery. 


That fresh feeling you get when you leave the dental office after professional dental cleanings is like no other. Ever wonder why you can''''''''t achieve it on your own?

Hygienists have special tools that remove deposits from your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling cleaner than when you practice good oral hygiene at home.

During your dental cleaning, our dental hygienist will polish your teeth using either a conventional hand piece or a Prophy-Jet. The Prophy-Jet is an air polishing system that combines water and baking soda to remove stains and debris from teeth.


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