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South Sound Blog Shoot
South Sound Blog Shoot
South Sound Blog Shoot

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Unfit mummies offers pilates matwork classes specifically geared towards mummies. It’s an obvious thing to say – having children completely changes your perspective on life and, importantly, your body. Many women get the urge to start an exercise programme when they find out they are expecting and often, again, after they have recovered from the whirlwind of welcoming that lovely new face into their family, but will any old exercise class do? Well, not really.

Pregnancy and childbirth result in very common but very important postural and physical adaptations that have to be considered throughout the whole of any exercise class that mummies do. This can be the case even years after the birth of a woman’s last child.

Leonie has undertaken specialist teacher training in pre and post natal pilates and has a ton of specific exercises in her repertoire geared towards mummies. As a mother, your body is unique and special as you have given life to little people. You need a unique and special exercise programme too.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Leonie is a mummy. She had her first child by c section and her second by natural birth so she has firsthand experience of a lot of the issues faced by mummies in their journey to get and stay strong. Let her help you today.

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