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How to Register

In order to keep class numbers low (a maximum of 12 per class) and provide each client with a safe and comfortable environment in which to exercise, all courses are six weeks in length and registration and payment is required up front to secure your spot on the course. It works out at CI$16 per session. See full price list here.

To encourage you to sign up for your first course, I’ll give you a discount of 10% so that a course that usually costs CI$96 will only be CI$86.

The only exception to the six week course, is the late pregnancy class, that is run on a drop-in basis for ladies in their last few weeks of pregnancy.

I understand that people have other commitments and, especially, that we mummies are faced with all sorts of last minute crises, requiring our superwoman-like skills. Therefore, if you can’t make a class, let me know asap, and I’ll do my very best to find a class with a space in that you can come to, in order to catch up. It’s usually possible.

Finally, in case you come to the first session and think you’d rather endure childbirth again rather than come back – if it’s not for you – you can have a full refund after the first session, no questions asked.

Good to go?! Then pick a class on the schedule here, and get in touch to book.

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