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Leonie has worked with women with many different issues, here is what some of them say about her teaching:

“I met Leonie here in Grand Cayman and we became firm friends. I admire her quiet thoughtfulness, intellect and passion for what she believes in.

As someone whose exercise regime consists wholly of running after my two small children, I was vaguely apprehensive when Leonie asked me if she could use me as a guinea pig to “Get her pilates teaching voice back” after her own child birthing hiatus. She’s such a good girl though, that if she’d been a waterskiing instructor and asked me the same thing, I’m sure I’d have said yes.

As it turns out, I had no need to worry. Leonie is a patient, ridiculously knowledgeable and highly effective teacher. She’s a mummy herself and understands the changes our bodies undergo during (and after) the birthing process, as she’s been there herself, having had both a c-section and a natural birth.

During the lessons, she has a very clear and often quirky way of cueing the positions she wants you to attain. From “imagine your spine is a bead necklace and you are placing each vertebra on the floor like you are placing each bead on the mat one by one” to “you have a big headlamp shining out of your chest…aim the light at the ceiling.” Lessons are never ever dull and Leonie always gets her intentions across in a way we non-pilates experts can easily understand.

Leonie has such a comprehensive knowledge of all the muscle groups that it’s as if she has X-ray vision. She can see which muscles you are using or not using, simply by looking at you. Very clever indeed.

I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with Leonie. Afterwards my body feels warm, nicely stretched, loose and well worked out. I already feel stronger, more toned and more aware of how best to move and use my body in everyday life.

Pilates is now something that I will continue to do with Leonie for as long as she’ll have me. Thank goodness she wasn’t a waterskiing instructor.”

Suzie Dickson


“Having had a long-standing back problem, and several different pilates teachers over the last few years, I’ve been really impressed with Leonie. In fact, I’d go as far to say she’s probably the best teacher I’ve had. She has great communication skills, and has encouraged me to push myself a bit more, and I now feel more confident, and more importantly strong. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her group classes, or in fact a private lesson.”

Ros Cryer


“After talking with Leonie over a coffee, her friendly and open manner, her enthusiasm for pilates, her ability to explain about the theory and practice, and her willingness to take on the challenge of teaching me, made me sign up!  That was over 6 months ago and I now try to do some exercises at home but look forward SO much to the classes with Leonie who explains so carefully, so clearly, with great empathy and with a great sense of humour.

Pilates taught by such a good teacher and communicator is a GREAT adjunct to the work at the gym.  It makes me feel very good.  Thank you Leonie!”

Cath Gaynor


“I am a yoga teacher and I am really loving Leonie’s classes. I am finding the anatomy/mechanics etc fascinating and although yoga is my number 1 love, pilates definitely comes in a close 2nd!  The improved core strength and spinal mobility are definitely helping with my yoga postures and Leonie has an excellent range of teaching methods which are professionally taught. I have complete confidence in Leonie as a teacher.”

 Julia Oliver


“I thoroughly enjoy Leonie’s classes. The teaching, humour and practice are excellent and I look forward to coming to her sessions for many more years.”

Diane Bell


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