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Jolly Bumps – Classes During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time for preparation.  As you prepare to welcome a delightful little newborn into your home and life, you also have to prepare for birth and for the changes that pregnancy brings upon your body.  Jolly bumps is here to help. Qualified pre-natal pilates teacher, Leonie, will guide you through the changes and the preparations needed for birth and beyond.

In a small class environment, you will learn to embrace the amazing transformation of your body.  Pregnancy, whilst an exciting time, can also be overwhelming for mums-to-be, and many women don’t like to admit that they feel like they are gradually losing touch with themselves and their bodies. Leonie’s classes will help you to develop a calm acceptance of your pregnancy and a greater understanding of the natural transitions your body will undergo as it progresses towards motherhood.

The sequences Leonie teaches are relaxing and flow easily to assist in releasing any tension which can creep into the body as you grow that new life inside of you. She will help you to continue to feel energized and strong as you progress through each trimester.

In your third trimester, she also offers specific techniques for releasing the pelvic floor in preparation for birth and movements that may actually help you on the big day and in the following weeks. In particular, if you are trying for a natural birth, these classes will help you to be mentally and physically prepared to deliver your baby and, most importantly, look after yourself. A healthy, strong mumma helps create a healthy, strong baby.

Browse the class schedule and find a class you can join here.

Unfit Mummies – Classes After Pregnancy

Unfit mummies is a class for, well, unfit mummies.  Whether you had your baby last week or ten years ago, unfit mummies can help you get back to you.

We all know that pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on your body, stretch marks, back and pelvic pressure and weakened abdominal muscles, but even after your bundle of joy has arrived, your body is still undergoing changes.  Pushing a heavy buggy, carrying a growing toddler, eating what you can, when you can, sleep deprivation…  the list goes on, and even if you have a full time nanny, a live in cook and a personal trainer to hand(!) it’s impossible for your body to magically heal the moment you leave the hospital. In fact it can take a year and beyond for the body to settle down after birth.

Unfit mummies helps with the healing process to take you back to you.  Realigning your lower body that has gone through SO many changes, bringing strength back to the pelvis and the hips, knitting abdominal muscles back together, and helping that all important pelvic floor.  A six week course with Leonie will not only help you feel stronger and fitter, but her mix of pilates and humour ensure that you will be on track to loving your body again, praising it for all that is has and can achieve, rather than covering it up and hiding it away.

Browse the class schedule and find a class you can join here.

Not a Mummy?

Maybe the thought of sticky-fingered toddlers scares you; or maybe you have been trying for a baby for years and it’s just not happening; or perhaps you’ve suffered a terrible loss.

Whatever your circumstances or issues, Leonie can provide class and private tuition to women of all ages and with all kinds of physical, and not so physical, obstacles they need to overcome. Pilates can give you a new found confidence in yourself and your body. If you think of your body as a jigsaw puzzle, scattered all over the floor, pilates can help bring all those pieces together; which does no end of good to your mental state.

Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” – Joe Pilates

Give Leonie a call for a chat, on a completely confidential basis, about what you need to rebalance your body, and maybe your life.

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