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magnetIn today’s increasingly competitive market, everyone knows that a website is a key marketing tool.

But simply having a website is no longer enough.

To ensure that your website fully delivers on its vital role of marketing your business,it is imperative that it not only presents a professional 'face' for your business but that it is continuously maintained, with fresh, current information and images, together with search optimsed content.

Many organisations and website owners already understand this concept but don't have the required resources or experience available to them, or simply don't want to develop and maintain the content of their websites themselves. Others don't mind developing content, but dislike having to pay a web designer or developer for every small change required.

IT Outsource identified this gap in the market early and as a result developed our innovative 'Website-as-a-Service' product.For these clients we design, develop and host a new, custom website AND keep everything up to date for one fixed cost per month.

Now our team of experienced and professional designers, developers and SEO experts can ensure that your website is regularly updated and your website content is maintained and optimised all the time, all for one LOW, FIXED COST, so that you can budget accordingly.

Website-as-a-Service includes…

  • New, custom designed, CMS website.
  • Domain registration and hosting.
  • Update/maintain text content on all web pages.
  • Update/maintain image content on all web pages.
  • Creation of new pages and layout management of content.
  • Updating the navigation system with new links as required.
  • Fix errors or any required, editing of scripting and programming.
  • FREE - Complete new site re-design every 2 years.
  • Answer client questions/comments about the website.
  • Provide consultation service for any projects that impact the website and/or related projects.
  • Provide backup and maintain a current file library of all assets, graphics, and source code for your website.
  • Vendor management - communicate with hardware engineers, hosting support, and other affiliate service entities..
  • Manage SEO, internet marketing and content optimization of your site.


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