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'Virtual' Desktops?

virtual-desktopSecure. Flexible

Core to the 'cloud' model for centralised resources, communication and security is the virtual desktop. Many off our clients wish to ensure no data is distributed across the myriad of access devices their users utilise to access their corporate network.

An IT Outsource Virtual Private Desktop enhances the security of your corporate information by providing remote access to a desktop that REMAINS local to the server. Users connect from a multitude of devices such as other desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones to the remote private desktop. All data remains on the server and once a user completes their work they simply end the connected session to return the their personal device.

remote_desktopAdditionally we can provide access to your windows desktop from non-windows systems such as Mac or Linux. You can even connect via a web page. 

Many scenarios exist for access to suit all types of user; Smaller clients with simpler needs often do not need a server until their business grows. A private virtual desktop or two combined with some shared storage fills this niche perfectly.

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