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Information Technology can be a minefield for small businesses to navigate in selecting the right tools to increase productivity and their bottom line. Confusing jargon and a myriad of solution choices promising similar results can be daunting for all but the most battle hardened business owners and managers.

Running a small business is a 24/7 labour of love for most owners who must wear numerous hats on a daily basis.

They must remain focused on their company’s products and services and all their energies go into delivering a high level of services to their clients. Small businesses often grew quickly from one man enterprises and internally systems and solutions are often primitive and have evolved out of quick fixes as the company grew. Duplication of effort is rampant and as the business grows these primitive systems begin to break down and hinder growth.

As the business grows, management and employees get busier and the time to sit and analyse confusing websites and brochures for structured business solutions to the operational problems is non existent. IT therefore gets pushed further and further down the 'to-do' list. In our experience IT projects often only become a priority after a disaster (or near disaster) has occurred. Often it is an internal disaster such as a costly mistake rather than an IT system failure that raises the business owners desire to implement changes to business processes within the organisation.

IT Outsource is no different – we grew up in the same organic fashion. Fortunately we were able to take a step back from our business and apply a systematic approach to analyse what we do prior to implementing the right business productivity solutions to effectively manage our business and deliver a superior level of service to our clients.

Now we have our own house in order we are committed to assisting our clients in utilising appropriate business solutions to increase efficiency productivity and ultimately profitability.

IT is meant to be the support system for your business – working in the background to drive sales and increase revenues. Often it is seen as an unreliable burden on an organisation. Let us put our team to work to provide the appropriate solutions for success.


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