Zero capital expenditure.
No depreciation.

Hardware as a Service (or 'HaaS') is one of the main components of IT Outsource's Fixed Cost IT service. Capital expediture has often stood in the way of a company's deployment of technologies that are needed to fuel its growth. Controlling the costs of maintaining and upgrading your infrastructure can be easy to accomplish with Hardware as a Service. Hardware is replaced and recycled on a scheduled basis, with the result that your business technology remains full up-to-date at a predictable monthly cost, without any need for regular capital investments in infrastructure. Hardware as a Service allows you to maintain a leading edge business environment at a controlled cost.

Key to the success of this program is our ability to provide all Microsoft licencing for any chartered hardware as part of the fixed monthly fee. No longer does a company need to pay $600+ for Microsoft office x 10 users very 3 years. Setup, hardware and Microsoft software licensing are all included in our low Managed Services monthly service charge. And upgrades are provided for free!


  • A new desktop every three years
  • A new server every four years
  • Setup is included
  • Upgrades are included

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