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Do your Service Providers incessant Break-Fix bills leave you fuming..

Are you tired of worrying about your IT infrastructure?

Ask yourself, what you would you prefer to do?

  • Worry about system availability, security, backup success and who to get to fix it...
  • Pay someone internal to call IT Support, the copier guy, the ISP guy...
  • Pay double time emergency rates to fix problems when they become "all systems down" issues...
  • Pay an internal generalist engineer a full salary...
  • Pay your employees to do non-revenue generating tasks while the systems are down...
  • Wait for the IT company to dispatch an available engineer to drive to your site...
  • Repeatedly pay the IT company to keep fixing the same issue...
  • Try and decipher 'technobabble' from vendors...


  • Let us manage everything
  • Get a team of specialist engineers for less than the cost of one
  • Have an outsourced IT team 'on-staff' that understands your business and which can assist with selection of business productivity solutions
  • Get easy to understand monthly health check reports

IT Outsource Business Solutions provide a comprehensive, next generation, remote IT managed service which pro-actively takes care of all your IT systems and services. We monitor your systems 24/7 working to eliminate downtime that results from system failures.

Designed with your bottom line in mind, we become your eyes, ears and hands, proactively identifying and preventing issues; and promptly resolving them to ensure your business processes continues unhindered.

In order to improve resolution times and minimise costs much of our support is provided remotely. However we do make site visits when necessary and use these opportunites to get to know our clients personally. In addition each client is assigned an account manager who is always available to assist.

If you prefer, we can support your support team. Our sophisticated monitoring and ticketing system is able to operate as an in-house helpdesk which is manned by in-house staff. Where your staff do not have the time or skills to address a particular issue they are able to 'one-click promote' the ticket to our team of engineers. Coupled with proactive monitoring of your systems 24x7, we are able to dramatically enhance the level of expert support available and dramatically slash previous resolution times. We're happy to work as part of your team, filling gaps and delivering the services that you would rather not have to deliver yourselves

We take responsibility of complete IT management of your organization using an integrated technology platform that is being used worldwide by many leading organizations like Sony, CMU and LG. Enterprise class support services for small business prices.

Our customers invest in “Up time” instead of being billed for systems down.

Ask about our Fixed Cost plans.


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