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database_uploadBackup is the topic no-one wants to discuss. We all agree its vital yet no-one wants to take responsibility for changing all those tapes, taking the tape home and so on!

Tape has been replaced with portable removable hard drives and other media in most cases now which has increased ten fold the danger of sensitive corporate data falling into the wrong hands through accidental loss of the media. Most organisations do not carry out test recoveries of their systems and often find out the hard way that their backup was not working in the way they thought it was.

"7 of 10 small firms that experience a major data loss go out of business within a year"

Source: DTI/PriceWaterhouse.

Its quite simple really. We offer the world's fastest disaster recovery software solution for Windows servers, restoring application data from a block level to an individual file locally and across the WAN in just minutes.

Whether restoring a single server, database or file; or recovering from a total site disaster, our backup and recovery solution minimizes downtime to just minutes by enabling you to protect and restore your entire Windows server application environment in just a few clicks. Thousands of organizations worldwide rely on this unique, all-in-one disaster recovery with capabilities such as:

  • Push-button failover to standby virtual machines
  • Easy full server recovery to any brand and model of physical server or to a virtual machine
  • Integrated replication with compression and deduplication moves applications offsite efficiently
  • Easy-to-implement off-site disaster recovery plans and testing

Traditionally organisations used to backup only their data. These days with the ever increasing reliance on information systems data only backups are unacceptable due to the very longand troublesome time to recover a complete system this way. Additonally once daily backups are no longer adequate.

Any company that relies on data intensive applications like e-mail, financial, human resource, customer management, and product development systems – and that’s every company – is experiencing data explosion. Mandated by legal compliance and required by management best practices, data protection measures including backup, storage, and retrieval, are more mission-critical than ever. On top of that, demands for high availability and fast disaster recovery are increasing. Unfortunately, enterprise-wide solutions that rely on tape backup are less efficient and more costly than ever. New disk-based backup solutions that focus on application – not just data – protection are redefining the state-of-the-art by realizing significant time and money savings through data expansion moderation, fast backup, easy data retrieval, high availability assurance, and reliable disaster recovery

IT Outsource utilises the most sophisticated and only fully integrated backup and replication solution on the market to protect our customers servers. Servers are by default backed up at our data centre and then the backup is replicated to another data centre in Grand Cayman.

Optionally your backup can be replicated to another offshore jurisdiction 4000 miles away. For ultimate protection and system availability protection, warm backup virtual machines can be provisioned and kept as up to date as a few hours. These backup servers can quickly be brought online should your primary systems be out of service for an extended period.


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